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Long Term Pet Sitting

There are times when families need to leave their pets for extended periods of time. While you are way you can trust your pet will be in in loving home and treated like a member of the family. Long-term or extended stay is considered any stay over 30 days and is priced the same as regular boarding. 

Pet Massage

Everyone who shares their life with a dog knows the joy and pleasure of touching, petting, scratching and especially massaging. Pet massage incorporates many of the techniques used by professional massage therapists, animal trainers and handlers, and animal behaviorists. Pet massage increases circulation and flexibility and provides health enhancing experience for your dog.

Exotic Pets Welcome

I understand that caring for exotic pets can be quite involved and require very detailed instructions. I have experience caring for a wide variety of exotic pets and their particular needs. Prior to providing any pet sitting service I will meet with you so can provide exact details for the care of your exotic pet  ifit is not possible for you to move your pet and its cage out of your home your exotic pets is welcome in my home.

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